Friday, December 14, 2018

A Tiered Trio

Christmas is nearly upon us and The Colonel and I will have a full house this year.

Roll call: My Favorite-In-Laws, my younger sister, her husband, Yam, Spud and his girlfriend.

This year, instead of having a repeat of our Thanksgiving meal like we normally do, The Colonel and I have decided to make two delicious casseroles (one will be made with some leftover turkey from Thanksgiving that is currently in the freezer). We will make some delicious, vegetable, side dishes to serve alongside the casseroles.

My sister is bringing some dessert with her. I do not know what she plans to bring but I know it will be good. I will also supply a bit of dessert. Well, actually a friend of mine supplied the dessert. She made a huge batch of Whooppie Pies and gave me some. She said they freeze well, so they too are in my freezer.

I have the perfect tiered serving dish for the desserts (I did make that, with The Colonel's assistance).

A couple of years ago, I attended a high tea that was given by a friend. Libby had beautiful tiered serving plates for all of the finger sandwiches and desserts. She made them herself. She told me what making them entailed. All she used was three cheap/thrift shop plates, two glass candle sticks from a dollar store and strong adhesive. Libby no longer wanted to keep the tiered serving plates, so she gave me two of them.

The Colonel and I were in Walmart a few weeks ago and saw some low-priced, pretty, Christmassy plates. We decided to buy them so that we could make a tiered serving plate for our Christmas desserts. We also made a trip to the dollar store and bought two glass candlesticks. I already had the adhesive in my junk drawer.

Usually the top plate on a tiered serving dish is smaller than the one below it. I was unable to find a smaller plate that I liked, so the top two tiers of our serving plates would be equal in size.

I liked the plaid pattern of the bottom and middle plates. I wanted something different on top, so I chose the holly pattern.

The Colonel and I measured the plates to find their exact center and then we dry-fitted the candlesticks and drew faint pencil lines around their bases. When we had the plates marked we began gluing the candlesticks onto the plates.

This stage of the process had a couple of phases. We first glued the base of a candlestick to the bottom of the plates that would become the top and middle tiers. We let those dry overnight (overkill I know, but we got busy doing other things and did not get back to the project until the next day).

When we returned to the project, we flipped the plates over and then glued the top of the candlestick (which would become the bottom of the pedestal between the tiers) to the serving surface of the bottom and middle plates.

We were pleased with the final look of our tiered serving plates.

Now every time I find myself in a thrift shop or dollar store, I look at the plates and think about all of the different possibilities of mixing and matching patterns and sizes to create lovely tiered serving plates.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Throwback Thursday

I remember bits and pieces of the day the above photograph was taken. I am pretty sure it was taken at my Aunt Dode's house. Aunt Dode was one of my maternal grandmother's older sisters. Her given name was Lola Avanelle, but we all called her Dode. I have no idea why.

Aunt Dode's house was tidy and orderly. I remember my mom telling us to be careful and not touch anything. We spent most of the visit out-of-doors.

The photograph was taken in 1964. My brother Andrew was born that year and he is just a few months old in this photograph. He looks to be about three or four months old, so that, and the fact that we girls are dressed in warm weather dresses makes me think this was taken in the summer of 1964. I would have been getting ready to turn three that September.

Back row, left to right: Me, my oldest sister Lucinda/Cindy (7), my brother Andrew (on Cindy's lap), my second oldest sister Kathleen/Kit (6).

Front row, left to right: My third oldest sister Lori (4), my younger sister Jennifer (almost two).

In the three years following the taking of this photograph, two more brothers would be added to my sibling roster: Michael and Samuel.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Throwback Thursday

The picture above was taken in March of 1998. Yam (6), Spud (4) and I are standing (well, I am crouching) in an ancient creek bed near the Black Mesa in the Panhandle of  Oklahoma. The Colonel is snapping the photograph.

The Colonel had just come home from a deployment and we wanted to take a family trip to see some of the sites that Oklahoma had to offer.

We had read that you could see dinosaur footprints near the Black Mesa, so we loaded up the Jeep and headed that way.

When we reached our destination we began searching for the ancient dinosaur footprints. We looked high and low. We couldn't see anything, yet the travel book we consulted said that there were indeed prints in this location.

The Colonel climbed a little ledge that was hanging over the creek bed and he immediately yelled to us that we were right on top of the footprints! From where Yam, Spud and I were, the footprints looked like puddles in the creek.

The tracks are preserved in the sandstone strata and were originally discovered in 1980s and contained 47 footprints. Due to erosion, only a third of the tracks are visible today.

Scientists were intrigued by two tracks in particular that were much deeper than the others and had a ridge. They believe that the dinosaur was walking on a mudflat area and slipped, leaving a telltale sign that has lasted for millions of years.

Although the exact species is not known, scientists have stated that the tracks came from a Theropod, which is a scientific classification for bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Yam and Spud liked seeing actual dinosaur did The Colonel and I. What kid (young or young at heart) doesn't like dinosaurs?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Great Minds Think Alike

The Colonel and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary in October. We've never made a huge deal out of our anniversaries. There were many years that The Colonel was deployed and was not home on the day of our anniversary. Sometimes we would celebrate it on a day before The Colonel left or some day after he returned home.

That being said, now that The Colonel is retired and does not deploy, we could go "all out" and  make the day of our anniversary very special (a dozen roses, jewelry, expensive dinner out) but we still don't.

We believe that every day we have together is special. Now on our anniversary day, we usually exchange cards and go out for lunch (rarely dinner...the older we get, the more we stick to home during the evening hours).

This year we exchanged our cards during breakfast while sitting on the couch and watching recorded home improvement shows.

We both laughed when we opened our cards. This year we had given one another cards with a star theme. We have given each other the same card in the past.

The Colonel's card to me...

My card to The Colonel...

It's little coincidences like this that make The Colonel and I know we were made for one another and that every day we have together is a special day, no matter the date.