Saturday, February 26, 2011

Testing Uncle Sam's Letter Carriers

Darling Sister-In-Law's house is coming along swimmingly.

The Certificate of Occupancy should be issued in a couple of months and when it is, The Colonel's parents will live in and care for the house until Darling Sister-In-Law retires in five years and moves in.

It has been 20-plus years since The Colonel's parents have had to deal with all it takes to move a household. Moving has a lot of moving parts to it and one of these parts is the change-of-address cards that must be filled out (The Colonel and I filled out cards 10 or 11 times during our 20 years with the Air Force).

The Colonel found a used mailbox, cleaned it up, painted it a bright blue and then we both set it up in the yard of the new house under construction (this is a temporary mailbox, The Colonel's father wants to build a permanent one out of concrete block once they move in).

We had hoped The Colonel's parents could have their mail sent to this mailbox, thus only having to fill out one change-of-address card before moving into the house upon its completion. No such luck. When my In-Laws called their post office they were told since no one lives in the house yet, no mail can be delivered there. Their mail will come to our house first, so they will have to fill out two change-of-address cards before moving into the new house.

The Colonel, Darling-Sister-In-Law and I did not believe what the post office said. We were certain that mail could be delivered as long as a mailbox was on site; it didn't matter if the house wasn't lived in yet.

So Darling Sister-In-Law performed a little test for Uncle Sam's letter carriers. She sent a postcard to the little blue mailbox.

The postcard arrived a couple of days ago. The Colonel and I just had to laugh when we read the postcard. It was classic Darling Sister-In-Law.

There was one hiccup to the delivery...

There was Postage Due of two cents.

Isn't just like the U.S. Post Office...always wanting more money to carry our mail.


  1. Darling house.
    A post about the post! I think the USPS needs to remember that one of those S's stands for SERVICE!

  2. The house is the same color as your house. Must be a sale on yellow. Lol