Monday, April 25, 2011

Anyway You Look at It, It's an A+!

Yam had an assignment for her college photography class. She had to choose a photo from a famous photographer's works and recreate it as closely as she could to the original.

She chose Dorothea Lange's 1935 photograph entitled, Colonist to Alaska from Minnesota. While Yam was home for her spring break she enlisted the help of Spud to complete the assignment.

They used an old piece of plywood The Colonel didn't need any longer to recreate the background of the photo. They spray painted the wood grey-blue with black accents and then they nailed grommets into the wood to simulate the rivets of the original photograph.

Yam had Spud dress in his leather jacket, black shirt and a cap. She took him outside, put him in front of the decorated plywood and snapped several photographs until she got the one she liked best.

"Awesome! This is very close to perfection!" said Yam's professor. I agree with Yam's professor. What say you?

Colonist, by Lange

Spud as Colonist, by Yam


  1. I say, "a job well done!" I have always preferred black and white over color photography.