Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Historic Melons

The Colonel put in a little, raised-bed garden this year. In his garden he has red bell peppers, Tabasco peppers, cubanelle peppers, sweet potatoes, a tea bush and two kinds of melons, the banana melon and pineapple melon.

His grandmother used to grow and sell banana melons (18" long, yellow with juicy orange flesh with a banana flavor) when she was a a young girl, so The Colonel wanted to grow some too. I'm looking forward to trying them.

The Colonel was reading about Thomas Jefferson one day and discovered that T.J. (who was quite the Foodie) grew pineapple melons. The Colonel wanted to try his hand at growing some too.

One of the pineapple melons was about the size of a large softball when the vine it was connected to shriveled and turned brown. We picked it.

I cut it up and we all tried some. The melon is supposed to have a pineapple flavor to it, this one didn't. It tasted more like a honeydew melon and it had an onion-like aftertaste to it. We think it was not quite ready to be harvested but with the shriveled vine we couldn't let it sit there and rot. There are a couple more in the garden we hope will mature properly so that we can taste what Thomas Jefferson tasted.

I am also looking forward to the sweet potatoes. I like them, The Colonel doesn't but he let me plant some in his garden anyway, what a sweet guy.

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