Friday, October 7, 2011

Oneth By Land, Oneth By Sea

Tybee Island and Cockspur Island are a short drive from Savannah and each island is home to a lighthouse. The Colonel and I like visiting (and occasionally climbing to the top of) lighthouses.

Tybee Island is named after a Native American word for "salt". Many flags have flown over the island, claiming the coastal paradise for Spain, England, France and the Confederacy. The Light Station has the distinction of being the site of one of the nation's oldest and tallest lighthouses, originally built in 1773. The lighthouse has 178 steps (which The Colonel and I opted out of taking this go around). Tybee's lighthouse is accessible by land.

The Cockspur Lighthouse on the other hand is only accessible by the water (we wished we had our kayaks so that we could get out to, and then into the little lighthouse). The current Cockspur Lighthouse is 46 feet tall and was built in 1856 upon the ruins of an earlier lighthouse.

The Colonel and I had to walk along a woolly and muddy trail to get as close as we could to the little lighthouse in the water. We were not going to let foliage, mud or biting insects deter us so that I could get "that perfect shot" of the Cockspur Lighthouse. The lighthouse begs you to take its picture.

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  1. I, too, dearly love to seek out lighthouses--beacons of safety. However, it seems that there are more hauntings at lighthouses than anywhere else. Hmmm....scary!