Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old Is New

When The Colonel and I first built our house nearly 5 years ago, we bought some chairs for the porches.

These chairs are wooden Adirondacks with little tables to go along with them. Yam and I built the chairs (4) and tables (2) in the family room once they arrived via UPS.

The other day I was looking at two of the chairs and one of the tables. They were tired and worn looking. Five years of the Florida sun and weather had faded them so much that they became the color of an unhealthy liver. They were no longer the nice, deep, red color they once were.

The Colonel suggested I give the pieces of furniture a new coat of paint. We went into the garage and rummaged through the cans of spray paint stored there. I had some pretty colors to choose from...Aqua, Lagoon and Spa Blue.

I scraped and cleaned the chairs in preparation for their new paint job and The Colonel tightened all of the bolts down. He then set up two old sawhorses in the back yard so that I would have the table and chairs at the correct level for spraying.

The day was warm, sunny and breezy at times. I had to time my spraying between zephyrs. I ran out of paint and had to make a run to The Home Depot for more (I also picked up some white, as I will need to give my rockers a new paint job real soon).

I was very pleased with the new, fresh and tropical look of my old table and chairs.

When I was done, my right hand was weak from pressing down on all the spray can nozzles (I wrote Yam a letter that evening and my penmanship, which is suspect to begin with, bore little resemblance to itself...I wonder what Yam will think when she receives my letter).

I had a rainbow of spray paint in my hair, on my arms, face and sunglasses. The wind carried the fine paint mist in my direction each time I failed to time my spraying correctly between breezes (I came clean after a couple of showers and aggressive scrubbing).

I have two more chairs and a table just like these that will need a new paint job soon...time to rummage through the garage again for more leftover spray paint....I think I saw a pretty green in there.

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