Thursday, March 1, 2012

That Darn Cat (Wasn't that a Disney movie?)

Our newest cat, Luna, has been with us for just over seven months now. She is feisty, independent, very curious and a dare-devil.

The other evening, after dinner, The Colonel and I were outside watering our garden.

"What the...Luna!" The Colonel yelled.

The Colonel then pointed towards the garage where we could see Luna up on the metal roof, walking in the gutters.

She had jumped up on the outside shower wall and then made the small leap onto the roof.

The Colonel and I were calling for Luna to come down. She was having none of it. She was having fun exploring the gutters and roof top.

I continued calling Luna's name (and snapping pictures) as The Colonel went to get a ladder. He initially set the ladder up at the corner of the garage's roof where Luna was. Luna was not cooperating with the rescue effort. She just stood there looking at The Colonel. Me thinks she was enjoying this entirely too much.

Luna ignored our calls for what seemed an eternity. Finally, the newness of her roof top adventure was wearing off and she ran to The Colonel who had by then moved the ladder to the shower wall (the area of ingress that started her shingle-less shenanigans).

Safely back on the ground, Luna walked away from the garage as if nothing had even happened.