Friday, April 20, 2012

Some First Fruits

I am becoming quite the gardener much to my surprise. I don't think of myself as having much of a green thumb but my little garden is proving me otherwise, at least so far.

A few weeks ago I bought four strawberry plants and they are thriving and producing tiny, but delicious berries. I like to mix strawberries and blueberries so when I was last at The Home Depot I purchased a blueberry plant. I have yet to plant it in my garden; it is still in its original container.

I went out to check on my little berry plants the other day and was able to harvest two tiny strawberries and two plump blueberries. I gingerly carried them into the house and washed them off in the kitchen sink.

The Colonel and I each had one strawberry and one blueberry. They were delicious! The strawberries were sweet and the blueberries were slightly tart. I am looking forward to more of them.

I must admit, I am not single-handedly tending this garden, The Colonel has a lot to do with it as well. We have been able to harvest cabbage, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, swiss chard, onions, collard greens and herbs from our garden. We hope to add a couple of pineapples to the list in a couple of months. My "John Henry" pineapple is coming along very nicely and baby pineapple #2 is not too far behind.

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  1. I am impressed and a little envious- especially of the pineapple. Nothing tastes better than fresh from your own garden! Too early to even think of planting here, much less harvesting, although I did sow some lettuce seeds and planted potatoes and more asparagus plants this week.