Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No Boys Allowed

Yam was just home on her final college spring break. She will graduate in early May (where have these four years gone...didn't I just bring her home from the hospital?)

While she was home, she and I had a lovely Mother-Daughter day.

Yam has a record player and she is always on the lookout for inexpensive records to add to her music library. I had seen a room full of records at an antique shop in a quaint little town north of our house the last time The Colonel and I were there.

In this quaint little town there is a lovely restaurant called Mary Margaret's Tea and Biscuit.

The restaurant is owned and operated by two gentlemen who named it after their mothers. Yam and I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes after it opened and were fortunate to have a table to sit at right away. The place is very popular and it does not seat many (part of the quaintness of it all).

This is what welcomes you as you come through the door; the Front Parlor.

Our friendly waiter sat us at our table. We looked over the menu and decided on the soup and half a sandwich offering. We both had chicken salad sandwiches but Yam had lobster bisque and I had butternut squash soup.

Lunch was delicious and it was a visual treat dining at Mary Margaret's.

In the picture above you can see our waiter clearing the table that Yam and I sat at for lunch. Notice the elderly couple seated at the table next to our vacated one. They were chatty Iowans.

Before leaving the restaurant, I purchased three cranberry scones to take home. There was some homemade cream and strawberry jam tucked in beside the scones. Yam, The Colonel and I very much enjoyed the delicious scones.

Fortified by our lovely lunch, I proceeded to take Yam straight to the room full of records. The room is inside The Old Opera House. Its fourteen rooms are full of antiques. The Old Opera House (1906) is reportedly haunted, especially the room full of records. It is from this room that a child reportedly fell from the third story window and died. While rummaging through records, neither Yam nor I encountered anything paranormal. 

This was just one corner of the room full of records. Yam was able to find a couple of albums she wanted (the right artist for the right price). 

After checking out the other thirteen rooms of the Old Opera House, we visited other antique shops along the main street.

Yam said she felt like she was transported back in time as we walked down the street. I agreed. It felt like we were back in a time when many towns in America were small towns with main streets as their heart (think Mayberry).

The day spent with my daughter was perfect in every way. 


  1. How sweet! I enjoy little towns and tea. Jenn