Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Before There Was "Paper or Plastic"

I just made something that I have not made in YEARS!
It started out as a paper grocery bag from Trader Joe's...

and it ended up like this...
...a book cover.
I used to have a couple of these types of book covers around the house, but a few days ago I donated them to the local Salvation Army Thrift Store.
How was I to know I would really need one so soon after donating them (oh well, some deserving school kid will hopefully appreciate them...school is just around the corner kiddos)?
I really needed a cover for a book I have just started reading. I purchased the book for three dollars from "The Friends of the Library" at our local library. The "Friends" accept book and magazine donations, sell them at discounted prices and gives the money to the library. The Colonel and I donate reading material every once in a while.
The book is J.K. Rowling's, The Casual Vacancy. It is her first book written for adults (I have not and probably never will read any of her Harry Potter books...I know, shocking isn't it?). It is a departure from my usual reading which is historical fiction. 
When I took the dust jacket off of  the book (I always do that when I read a book) I was taken aback (who am I kidding...I was grossed out) by all of the greasy, finger smudges on the book's exterior, front and back (I take the books I read to bed with me...need I say more...I think I do). I felt like I needed to scrub my hands each time I held the book. I really needed a book cover.
Then I remembered making book covers out of paper bags when I was in grade school to cover our textbooks (paper bags were plentiful back then). My school had professional paper covers available too. These covers had lines on them to show where to fold the paper to allow for a perfect fit. We kids would decorate the paper covers to personalize them.
Thank goodness I had a paper grocery bag (they are getting harder to come by) in my pantry. Making the book cover was like riding a bike and it brought back many memories of my school days. I may have to start hanging onto more paper bags as they come my way because I will probably spend more money at the library.
I have the outside of the Rowling book situation "covered" but not sure how I will mitigate its inside situation...  
I found crumbs and drops of chocolate tucked inside page nine. I am almost afraid to turn the pages...there may be a whole smorgasbord uncovered by the time I reach the end of the book (I just flipped ahead and on page 216 and 217 there are coffee or tea stains. I am currently on page 42).
This book is banned from my bed...I don't eat in my bed...I surely don't want some previous reader's crumbs there...gross.
I hope this book is good...apparently the previous owner thought so and couldn't even put it down while eating and drinking.
Don't let me down J.K. Rowling...but don't think for a moment that if I enjoy this book I will launch into your Harry Potter series...not my bag baby (I haven't even seen all of the movies...I know, shocking isn't it?).     


  1. Dibs on borrowing the book after you read it. Sounds like it would make good soup....

  2. I read a lot of Dad's books. I have encountered coffee and copenhagen spit stains on the pages. It is just a reminder of dad. Michael

  3. Too bad you made a lovely cover for a less than worthless (and I don't mean priceless) book. The crumbs will be better than the read. I suggest you read the Harry Potter series. Jenn

  4. Are you sure it's chocolate stains? This coming from an avid bathroom reader who will remain shall we say.... anonymous ;)