Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Love Affair, Clearly


I think my love affair with sea glass began when I lived in Key West, Florida (1998-2001). My family and I would walk the beaches and pick up the tumbled and worn sea glass. Now, whenever we take a stroll along any beach we look for sea glass (as well as shells and shark teeth).

The first piece of sea glass jewelry I purchased was a pair of earrings from a little shop in Key West.

A recent sea glass jewelry purchase was this necklace below. It was hand made by a local woman.

My Darling-Sister-In-Law made this sea glass jewelry set for me and gave it to me for Christmas one year.

I bought more glass-centric jewelry recently but not sea glass this time. This pair of earrings is made with ancient Roman glass. When I wear these earrings I wonder...was this glass once a piece of a bottle or jar that held perfumed oils for a highborn Roman woman?

My love for glass in jewelry puts me in the company of King Tutankhamen. A famous piece of King Tut's jewelry has Libyan Impact Glass incorporated in it.

The yellow scarab in the middle of the jewelry piece is made from Libyan Impact Glass (LIG). LIG was the result when a meteorite impacted the Sahara Desert about 29,000,000 years ago on the border of Libya and Egypt. Extremely high heat melted desert sands and formed this translucent glass. LIG was first used by man about 10,000 years ago. Nearly pure silica, it is the purest natural glass in the world. It can be heated to 1700 degrees Celsius. There is said to be metaphysical properties associated with LIG. It is supposed to increase sales and profits. Creates good luck; especially spiritual.
The Colonel's sister gave him this piece of Libyan Impact Glass as a present.
The Colonel and I also like old bottles. We've found them in water and in the ground. We have also purchased old bottles.
This beautiful blue bottle was purchased in a Savannah antique shop. It is a John Ryan Soda bottle from 1866.

The Colonel and I dug up this green bottle as we were cleaning up a lot. It is a Royal Palm Soda bottle. Royal Palm Soda was once part of Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

I like the look of glass in all its forms. I have various kinds and shapes around the house and I like to decorate with it.

I've got bags of sea glass just waiting for the time I get inspired and make something with it. Maybe I should make a sea glass "sister" for Shelly some day.

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  1. I see a cottage industry for you and your DSIL. Second career? Jenn