Monday, June 30, 2014

Tasty Tropical Treats

I remember one of my second-grade school books had a page with four pictures on it. The four pictures were of a backyard as it would look during the four seasons. One of the pictures showed the tree just bursting with oranges (why an orange tree would be in an Indiana school book is beyond me).

When I saw that picture of the orange tree laden with fruit, I knew I wanted to live where that tree lived. I wanted to have an orange tree in my backyard too one day.

Well, I do live where orange trees live and I do have one in my yard (front not back), but I think it will be a few years before it produces some fruit, if it ever does.

I have a different tree that is currently in the throes of producing fruit. It is my largest banana tree.

The tree put out a large, heavy, maroon pod. As the leaves of this pod curl up and fall away, a little hand of bananas is exposed beneath.

As the bananas grow larger, the flowered ends become smaller and eventually disappear. The bees and wasps sure love the nectar from the little flowered ends. The nectar can be seen dripping away from the pod.

So far there are four hands of bananas exposed. I am eager to see how many bananas will be produced and how they will taste.

I have another pineapple growing too. They always take me by surprise. I have several planted around the place and never know when (or if) they will produce fruit. They are so cute as "babies", so are the bananas.

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