Monday, September 29, 2014

My Mantras Ingnored

It's that time of year again! Break out the ghosts & ghouls, pumpkins & prowlers, candy & costumes and the deranged decorations.

Every year I put out as little as I can in the way of decorations, no matter the holiday. Less is More and K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) are my mantras.

I try to refrain from purchasing (or making) any new decorations, no matter how cute or novel, year after year.

My Darling-Sister-In-Law made that a difficult endeavor this year. She had seen on the Internet that someone had made little dead fairies and mermaids. She sent me the pictures...I was intrigued.

We went to Hobby Lobby and looked for the items needed to make our little fairies and mermaids. We found a couple of the items, but what we needed most, the skeletons, had to be purchased elsewhere. Darling-Sister-In-Law bought the skeletons (thanks again).

Darling-Sister-In-Law's fairy and mermaid really looked dead. She painted them a brownish color and added some textures to make them look as if their flesh was rotting off their bones. Excellent job!

I wanted to make my fairy and mermaid look different. I too, glued the butterfly wings on one skeleton but did not paint them brown. I wanted to keep the colors of the monarch visible.

The skeleton mermaid was more of a challenge. I made her a tail of cardboard, paper and glue. Darling-Sister-In-Law gave me some twine for her hair and The Colonel had the idea of the shell bra.

Love the way she turned out. I just could not resist the skeletons for my Halloween decorating. These little skeletons are small enough to store away nicely and neatly.

I will have to see what Darling-Sister-In-Law finds next, and hopefully I will have the intestinal fortitude to just say no. I have to keep repeating my mantras....Less is More...K.I.S.S...Less is More...K.I.S.S...Less................


  1. Kind of cute in a creepy sort of way.

  2. Are you sure they will stay put away until next Halloween? Scary little creatures! Jenn