Friday, January 2, 2015

New, New Year's Poo-Poos

The Colonel and I had both our adult children at home with us on New Year's Eve this year. It was very nice having them with us.

When the kids were younger, I began a family tradition of having finger foods, or poo-poos for New Year's Eve dinner. I selfishly did not want to have to cook a big dinner and opted to have poo-poos instead. Both Yam and Spud still do poo-poos for New Year's Eve when they are not at home with us.

We usually have these little spirals as one of our poo-poo items and did.

In the past we have also had delicious, tiny quiches. This year we did not have them. I looked in all the local grocery stores and could not find them. Yam looked at her store too and couldn't find them either :(

To replace the quiches, I bought some little flat bread pizzas. They were a delicious replacement.

Yam introduced a new poo-poo into our New Year's Eve, finger food line-up...pot stickers. They were a very yummy new addition to our tradition.

The Colonel dusted off an old Dublin Coddle recipe of ours and made it for New Year's Eve. The Colonel asked if this would become part of the tradition and I said why not?

The Colonel and I first tasted Dublin Coddle, a traditional Irish stew, at The Irish Lion, a restaurant and pub in Bloomington, Indiana. We visited The Irish Lion about 30 years ago and soon after knocked off the recipe. Dublin Coddle is a stew consisting of potatoes, bacon, sausage and onions. Simple yet delicious. Dublin Coddle is usually eaten with soda bread and butter. I did not make any soda bread, so we had some artisan bread from the grocery store.

As we ate our poo-poos we watched The Twilight Zone marathon on the Syfy channel and toasted to the upcoming, new year with some bubbly.

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  1. A yummy way to bring the new year. Love the pic of Yam and Spud. Jenn