Sunday, November 1, 2015

Annual Assignments

What We Did on Our Summer Vacation 2015
By Bird

It was an annual task,
As children, teachers would tell us to write when they'd ask,
“What did you do this summer?”
One as adults, we seldom now record, what a bummer.

The Colonel and I visited “Hoosier land” to see my Mum,
He and I stopped at our Alma Maters and then some.
We saw Gabriel’s footprint in New Harmony,
Lincoln’s boyhood home and the grave of his mommy.

A brief stop in Corydon, Indiana’s first capital,
Then to Kentucky and the gravesites of the Boones, Rebecca and Daniel.
Near the Boone graves and quite in view,
Was buried the founder of Punta Gorda, Isaac Trabue.

We visited the site of the last battle of the American Revolution, at Blue Licks,
Where Boone’s son, Israel and others had fallen and I picked up some ticks.
Then The Colonel and I explored a very old cemetery and lunched at Lil’s café,
A stop at Boone Station and Boonesborough State Park rounded out the day.

Next morning up early we see,
A Fort Boonesborough facsimile.
We see a spinner, a potter and homemade soap by the bar,
A man who can make fire with flint, tow and char.

It is time to leave Fort Boonesborough behind,
We are getting hungry, it is lunch we must find.
It is off to Colonel Harland Sanders’ café and museum for food,
The original KFC, our lunch was “finger-lickin’-good”.

Our time in Kentucky is winding down,
Just a few more places to visit before we head back to our home town.
The first log cabin in Kentucky, for Dr. Thomas Walker a boon,
And a trek along the Cumberland Gap following the footsteps of thousands and Boone.

Kentucky behind us and Georgia next in our sites,
To visit its state cotton museum and “Good to Go” bar-b-que sandwiches for bites.
The museum and lunch spot were located in Vienna,
But please do not mispronounce, it is said like…Vie-enna.

So that is what we did on our summer vacation away from Florida,
We had much fun and made many memories, but it’s good to be back in Punta Gorda. 


  1. Grand vacation and great rhymes; you're a word-smith who enjoys fun times! Jenn

  2. You get an A+! Kit