Thursday, May 26, 2016

Art By The Glass

I am now a card-carrying (literally) member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). I will tell you all about that in another post. This post is about my first fun outing with some of the ladies of the local chapter to which I belong.

We went to Art By The Glass. It is a little business run by an artist who teaches groups how to paint a picture and you can buy beer or wine to consume as you paint.

This was the picture that each of us were to paint. It was designed by the artist just for our DAR group.

The "liquid courage" did make one feel less inhibited and more artistic as the lesson commenced.

I had a table partner. My painting is the one on the left. As the afternoon progressed we added more colors of paint and the pictures were beginning to take shape.

While waiting for the different layers of paint to dry, I took the time to see how the other ladies were doing.

I found it very interesting how the paintings looked very similar yet completely different at the same time. I seemed to like everyone's above my own. We are our own harshest (art) critics. I probably should have had another glass of wine. I was particularly not impressed by my waves...definitely, another glass (or bottle) of wine was desperately in order. I was my own designated driver, so I nixed having another drink much to the detriment of a wall-worthy painting.

This is my painting in its near-done state before I added the stars and stripes to the umbrella. I think my favorite part is the little tuft of sea oats in the bottom, right corner.

Here are all of our finished works of art.


I enjoyed my afternoon of painting and spending time with some of the ladies of my DAR chapter. I look forward to doing more with these lovely ladies.

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