Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Little Birthday Lagniappe

My birthday is September 9th...it is now the 13th. The Colonel ordered some gifts for me that are still in route...he ordered them in time but you know how the postal service can be.

One of the belated gifts arrived today (one more to come). As The Colonel pulled the package out of the mailbox and handed it to me I could tell it was a book.

"I hope you like it."

"Of course I will like it."

I didn't like it...I LOVED it!

It was a book written by Gene Wilder (June 11, 1933 - August 29, 2016).

My French Whore is Gene Wilder's first novel. It was written in 2007.

I am currently reading another book and this will be the next one I read. I am looking forward to it.

Like many fans of Gene Wilder, I was saddened by his death last month but remembered the films he starred in that made me a fan in the first place.

My favorite of course is Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

Who can ever forget those big, blue eyes and wild, fly-away hair?

Then there was the "Waco Kid" from Blazing Saddles.

Blazing Saddles was the first R-rated movie I saw. I was in high school and my parents were out of town so my Aunt Mary was taking care of my siblings and I.

"Aunt Mary can I go see a movie with my friend tomorrow evening?"

"Is it a movie that your parents would let you see?"

Knowing full-well that it was an R-rated movie and my parents would not have let me go, I answered...

"Yes, it's a Western."

Another all-time-favorite is Young Frankenstein.

The movie's director, Mel Brooks was a genius! I recently watched Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935) with Yam. What Mel Brooks took away from those movies and then used in his movie was pure, comedic genius. I highly recommend watching both movies and then watching Brooks' movie (or vice versa). I think you will agree with me...Mel Brooks = Genius. 

Back to My French Whore...

The Colonel said he was reading on-line about Gene Wilder's death and came across this book. He knows I am a huge Wilder fan and decided to get me a copy for my birthday.

He finds a lot of  used books on-line and they are often very reasonably priced (even with shipping).

The Colonel handed me the package from the mailbox. I opened it.

"The book seller listed this book as used but never read."

"I love it, thank you!"

"Since it is a used book, I wonder if it was signed by Gene Wilder. Wouldn't that be great?"


"The book seller did not list it as an autographed copy."

I opened the book and turned to the title page and what did I see?

The Colonel and I could not believe it. There was Gene Wilder's autograph on the cream-colored page.

"I don't think the book seller even knew it was signed. I am sure they would have asked a higher price for the book if they had, especially because Gene Wilder is now dead."

"You would think so but I am glad they didn't."

"Me too."

I love the way The Colonel always gets the perfect gift for me...Gene Wilder's autograph is just a little lagniappe (an extra gift) on the side.

Sometimes the universe hands out a lagniappe too. The Colonel and I had lunch at one of our favorite spots. When you pay your bill there is always a big container near the register and it is full of candy. Anyone can grab a piece (only one). I like it when they have Tootsie Pop suckers. The candy The Colonel picked out was none other than Willy Wonka's Everlasting Gobstoppers.

Note: 9/16/16 - Today my last birthday present from The Colonel arrived. Another example of him always getting me the perfect gift!

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