Sunday, June 25, 2017

Butterflies Flutter By

During our recent trip to Key West to inter and spread the ashes of my Darling-Sister-In-Law (June 1- June 7), The Colonel, Yam, Spud and I visited The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

I would highly recommend a visit there if you ever find yourself in Key West. When you enter the establishment you are immediately in a large room that houses the gift shop. To your left you will find an employee at a counter. Once you purchase your ticket, they will stamp your hand (which allows you to enter the butterfly room as often as you want that day. We went through twice) and point you to the double doors that will lead you to a room that has butterfly and moth displays and information. When you have learned all you wished about butterflies and moths there is another set of double doors for you to enter.

This second set of doors takes you into a small antechamber with another set of double doors opposite those you just came through. Before you open the second set of doors, make sure the ones behind you are closed (there is a sign that will remind you of this). Now you can open the second set of doors, but as you do, make sure you watch that no butterfly or moth enters the antechamber that you are exiting. 

You will find yourself in a beautiful, jungle-like room that is filled with butterflies, moths, birds (I saw one turtle) and it is all within a climate-controlled, glass-enclosed habitat.

I was snapping away like "Rain Man". Here are a few of my photographs. We liked watching the butterflies eat the fruit.

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