Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just a Swingin'

My husband has made us a new swing (with some help from me). He drew up his own plans for the swing because he could not find plans he liked or a pre-made swing he cared for to replace our old one. He wanted the swing to be long enough to lie down on so one might read a book or take a nap on the swing, while enjoying the shade and breeze on the back porch. This new swing is six and a half feet long.

The six foot swing construction started out with a trip to our local home improvement store. Wood had to be chosen, as well as nuts and bolts.

The wood and hardware were brought home and set up in the garage. Lots of sawing, gluing, drilling and sanding...

When the swing was finally built (in only 8 hours of construction time) it was time to think about what color we wanted to paint the beautiful, new, super-sized swing. We made yet another trip to the local home improvement store to check out our many options...

We decided to paint it a tropical blue color called "Sea Life". It looks pretty against the yellow of our house.

I can already feel the slight swing and cool breeze as I drift off into a nap while loosely clutching a best selling paperback book. Life is good.

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  1. Nice job guys. Hey sis, "the next car will be red and here comes the Army". God rest grandma's soul. Kit