Monday, June 8, 2009

Pre Separation Anxiety

Weeks before my son was dropped off at the naval leadership course, he was given a piece of paper that listed the rules and regulations for the course and what he was to pack.

He packed; P.T. gear, socks, T-shirts, underwear, towels, washcloths, shaving kit items and uniforms. The packing list was specific to the item and number of said items, no more, no less.

My son packed, checked, unpacked, checked, repacked, checked and checked again.

One of the lines on the informational paper given to him stated that if the cadet's hair was not short enough upon arrival, the cadet would have to have a haircut and this would cost $10.

Two days before he was to leave I cut my son's hair. I have always cut my son's (and husband's) hair but this time I was a bit nervous about it. My son informed me he wanted a "High and Tight" cut. I have never done one. I did not want to mess it up and cause my son any heartache or trouble when he arrived at the leadership course and me $10. My husband said there is a trick to getting it straight and even. You take a non-permanent marker and draw a line of demarcation to where you will cut the hair shorter. I did not trust my fine motor skills when it came to drawing the line straight, so I had both my husband and daughter do the honors.

I carefully cut his hair, which took me longer than normal...I wanted it to be perfect. I was pleased with my first attempt and so was my son. He was so pleased he informed me that he wants a "High and Tight" cut all summer long. The leadership instructors liked the cut as well...I still have the $10 in my purse.


  1. He looks so handsome with his "High and Tight" haircut! You do a good job!

  2. I cut his cousins hair. When I was done it was a high and tight. Because I messed up around the ears. Sean is ok with it because of football all summer. Looks good sis. Michael

  3. Mom and I agree, he looks good. He looks alot like Dad and his eyes resemble his Uncle Andrew. Oh how time flies so fast when your children age, well in my case, dog years are just as fast. Kit