Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Chinese Wisdom"

This morning my son had his third molars (wisdom teeth) extracted. The procedure lasted a little over an hour. Last year, in February, my daughter had hers taken out. She had supernumerary (extra) wisdom teeth...she had two more than the usual four. My son had the usual number removed. We used the same oral surgeon for both kids, Dr. Lee. He is a very nice doctor. His entire staff is nice. He personally walks his patients to their cars after surgery.

I hope that my son will not have the same post-op issues his sister did. She was very swollen for a few days and had a slight bruising under one of her eyes. She looked like the Chinese brother who could swallow the sea from the old children's book by Bishop and Wiese. I am not kidding here. Get the book off of your children's shelves or hit the library/bookstore and see what I mean. To preserve my daughter's dignity I will not post a picture of her.
My son is having some post-op nausea. I have given him some medication Dr. Lee prescribed to counteract the nausea. Poor baby. It is always difficult to see your loved ones in pain and discomfort. He cannot have any hot liquids for a couple of days and will have to stay away from foods that are difficult or painful to chew. Good thing I still have some mango ice cream in the freezer; he can have some when he feels up to it.

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  1. Poor guy. We went through oral surgery in January when Grace had some impacted cuspids exposed in her palate for ortho. I agree, seeing your kids in pain is horrible.
    Damp tea bags are good to wedge back in there over the extraction site in place of gauze to stop bleeding and reduce swelling.
    Hang in there!