Sunday, May 23, 2010

On Ribbons, Medals and Command

This is what Spud's chest looked like before the NJROTC awards banquet held on April 29th.

The whole clan, minus one, would attend the banquet. G-Pa, G-Ma and AB were in town but Yam had one last day of college left and would not be home until the next day (when the whole clan, minus Spud, because he would be at school, would help her move out of her dorm...see previous blog entry).

We had heads-up from Spud that he could be receiving several awards and that there would be a change of command ceremony (a first for the NJROTC unit) that he would be a big part of so I wanted to make sure we had front row seats. We arrived early, chose seats at the front near the head table. G-Pa and I had our cameras at the ready. Being this close to the action was going to make it easy to jump up quick and snap pictures when Spud's name was called. G-Pa's camera battery chose to die after only a couple was up to me to capture the rest of the evening.

Spud did indeed receive awards. He was awarded ribbons, medals and his second Charlotte High Letter. His ribbons included one for Naval Science III Outstanding Cadet, Distinguished Cadet, Color Guard and Aptitude. He received medals from the VFW and The Sons of The American Revolution and he also was awarded the USN Surface Warfare Medal and a Marksmanship medal.

Spud's change of command ceremony was very nice, it reminded me a bit of The Colonel's. The old commander read the special order for the command change and then saluted Spud, as he was now the new commander of the unit.

Spud then said a few words as the new commander. He said he was looking forward to the upcoming year; the best year yet. He told his troops that one of his goals during his time as commander is to have the unit earn distinguished unit status.

The whole family couldn't have been more proud of Spud as he assumed command and wish him all the best in the upcoming year as new commander of the NJROTC unit.

Congratulations Spud!


  1. Congrats to my nephew, keep up the good work..K

  2. Two commanders in the family!! You should be proud.

  3. Congrats nephew, so sad we are seperated by many miles to really celebrate with you. cnd