Thursday, March 17, 2011

We're Gettin' Good at This Kinda Thing

The parking area is done.

The last retaining wall (at least for now, The Colonel likes working with concrete block) is finally complete.

We've been having great weather so getting the last wall done didn't take long, just a few days.

When we had the parking pad poured we had the concrete man and his crew dig and pour the footers for the future retaining wall. Thank goodness, been there, done that and I didn't want to do it again for this wall.

The first row of block must be level, that is very crucial. The Colonel painstakingly placed each block and checked for level as I mixed bucket after bucket of mortar.

The Colonel had to build the wall around the existing light pole.

Getting there...

Next the cap pieces were placed.

After all of the blocks and cap pieces were stacked we had to wait two days for the mortar to dry before we could start to stucco the wall. Before we stuccoed the wall we stained the cap pieces first. We did not want any of the watery stain to drip down onto the stucco.

Once the wall was completely stuccoed we had to wait another couple of days for it to dry until we could paint it.

With the last brushstroke of paint the parking area hardscaping was completed.

The Colonel and I love it when our DIY projects come out the way we envisioned them.


  1. It is beautiful. I am so impressed!

  2. Looks good sis. Maybe you both should join the Masons.- Michael

  3. Again great job! "Punch...yellow one!" kit

  4. You guys did a GREAT job! That looks fantastic.