Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Down and None to Go

I am no longer the mother of a high school student. Spud graduated on May 19th.

No, I didn't cry when my baby walked across the stage.

Maybe it's because I had already experienced Yam's high school graduation two years prior but I'm guessing its really because I have never been one to cry easily and especially not in front of others (looking back, I didn't cry when Yam graduated either and I think I can count on one hand how many times The Colonel has ever seen me cry in our nearly 25 years of marriage).

Don't get me wrong, I felt deeply, the emotional impact of both my children's graduations, what mother wouldn't (I felt a greater twinge of sadness, upon seeing Yam's empty bedroom for the first time, as I came up the stairs after she left for college and I know I will feel the same when I see Spud's room empty for the first time)?

Spud looked so grown up in his cap and gown. Seeing him in it made me feel happy and proud.

He added a little something extra to the tassel on his cap. He has plans to join the Navy upon college graduation so he attached the little anchor.

It is always wonderful to hear your child's name called and see them walk across the stage to receive their diploma. In that instant, those 12 years of schooling seem like they happened in 12 seconds.

The Colonel and I are very proud of Spud and wish him success and happiness always in everything he does.

Soon I'll be the mother of two college students.


  1. what a wonderful tribute to your baby boy sister. Mom says, " she has also seen her 8 children walk across that stage into their future". Emotions are the same no matter the number. Congrats to you young man!

  2. Joe, way to go! Congratulations on completing the first 12 years of education...now another 4...and perhaps more.

    Parents, you are to be congratulated as well! Two college students, yahoo!