Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Little Helper

The Colonel and I have another outdoor project underway.

We are calling it Charlotte's (one of our cats) Secret Garden.

The project is the brainchild of The Colonel.

The project consists of a picket fence that partially encloses the area where his raised garden is located and a decorated, concrete post (possible sundial location). Eventually we will build an arbor at the entrance to the garden and we will also put a brick walkway within the garden (my body aches just thinking about it).

The Colonel and I are not the only ones working on the of our other cats, Luna, was right there beside us.

As soon as we came home from The Home Depot, Luna jumped in the bed of the truck to check out all of the wood.

She kept her beautiful eyes on us as we were building part of the fence.

This is what we've completed in the past couple of days (thanks go out to The Colonel's father for lending us his post hole digger. It sure made our work easier and faster).

Tomorrow we will start attaching the pickets.

Stay tuned for more accounts (and pictures) of our newest, outdoor, DIY project.


  1. Do you mean Luna's Secret Garden?

  2. Sounds like a project perfect for groks--heavy lifting. You did the "hunting and gathering" at Home Depot.