Monday, February 20, 2012

Third Generation

In August 2010, Yam and Spud brought home the pineapple pictured above. Our octogenarian friend John had given it to them (after Spud harvested it) as payment for helping him with his VCR. John had grown the pineapple from one he purchased at the grocery store.

We had the pineapple for dessert that evening. We all agreed it was THE BEST pineapple we had ever eaten. It was sweet and eating candy.

John had told me to cut the top off of the pineapple and plant it (like he had done with the grocery store one) and in two years I would have another pineapple. So, I did.

It has been almost two years since I planted the pineapple's top. In those two years we've had some colder than normal temperatures and last month we had a surprise cold snap that severely affected all of my plants. The pineapple top I planted was large, lovely and healthy until the freeze came. The Colonel and I trimmed away all of the damaged parts of the plants (most are making a valiant effort at a comeback). 

The poor pineapple plant looked miserable after the "freezer-burnt" parts were cut away. I thought for sure we'd lost it.

The Colonel was watering the plants the other day and he called me over to see something.

Tucked away, down in the center of the pineapple plant was the start of a little pineapple. Our friend John had been correct when he told me that we'd have a pineapple in two years.

Our good friend John passed away last year in April and as we watch the pineapple grow we will fondly remember him.

When it is time to harvest this fruit and we eat it (I hope it will be as sweet as its predecessor), I will plant its top and grow a fourth generation pineapple in memory of John.


  1. This is a very heartwarming story. Thank you for sweetening my day.

  2. When we all skyped the other day I tried to ask about the pineapple. I do not believe you heard me. Now I know it is coming along. How far do you cut the top as to plant it?

    1. Andrew, just cut about an inch or two of the fruit part off with the top and then plant!

  3. Awesome story! Cant wait to see the fruit! P.S. i usually grasp the top of the pineapple firmly and twist it while pulling and it pops right out of the fruit.