Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tastes Like a Million Bucks

Not in the too distant past, The Colonel and I were invited to have dinner at a local yacht club by a friend and his wife who are members there. We were joined by a mutual friend and his wife.

This dinner was my first time inside the yacht club (The Colonel had been there before). I had seen the club from the waterside when The Colonel and I kayaked near it in the past.

The club was pretty inside. There were big windows that framed the gorgeous harbor outside. Our table was in the corner, near the windows.

The sky was a rich blue that was dotted with majestic, bright white, Cumulus clouds. The sky and clouds changed beautifully as the sun set throughout our dinner. I wish I could have taken a picture of this, but I did not think it was appropriate to be "Rain Man-like" by whipping out my camera and snapping away within the walls of a yacht club, so the picture you see below was taken off of the Internet (our table was in that exact corner but it was larger and set for six).

I was looking over the menu and was having some difficulty deciding what I wanted to eat for dinner. My friend, being a member of the club, suggested I have the crab cakes. She said I needed to order not one, but two, so that I could take one home for my breakfast the next day.

Something else she said persuaded me to order the crab cakes. She said that they were $100,000 crab cakes. $100,000 crab cakes?!?...glad I wasn't paying the bill.

She further explained her statement. She told me that the chef of the yacht club had won a Southern Living Cook-Off with his "Down-South Crab Cakes with Collard Greens and Roasted-Garlic Beurre Blanc" recipe and was awarded the prize of $100,000.

The crab cakes tasted like a million bucks! There were huge pieces of succulent crab meat in each cake and the bed of collard greens were the most delicious I had ever eaten (and I have eaten quite a bit, being a "Displaced Northerner" for several years now). The roasted-garlic beurre blanc part of the crab cake ensemble was exquisite. Who doesn't like roasted garlic and butter?

I enjoyed one crab cake for dinner that evening and brought the other home for my breakfast the next morning as my friend suggested. The Colonel did not order the award-winning crab cakes and when he had a bite of my breakfast he immediately wished he had. He said maybe we should join the yacht club just for the crab cakes.

I don't believe owning a yacht is a prerequisite...we do have a flotilla of kayaks.

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