Monday, August 19, 2013

My Own Mini Roswell Incident

Recently, one of Yam's college friends stayed with us for five days. Yam and her friend love to hit Goodwill and Salvation Army stores to find great deals on things like clothes, DVDs, games, books, knick-knacks, etc.

The girls went shopping one day during the visit and Yam brought home a unique lawn-art set. She bought it for The Colonel and I (mainly The Colonel I he is the bigger Sci-Fi fan).

This is what she came home with...

The little crashed aliens and their spaceship were originally a faded blue-gray color and Yam painted them as you see them in the picture below. So cute!

I love the expressions on the aliens' faces. The male alien is quite puzzled as to how this crash has taken place and the female alien is ticked-off about the whole affair. Clearly she blames their situation solely on her co-space traveler (Her spouse maybe? Not sure how they pair-bond in outer space and what titles go with it...but looking at her expression, I would say they are a married couple).

The lilliputian aliens now call my rock garden their new home. Yam helped me find names for them. We went to a website that generates alien names. The male alien's name is Taran and the female is named Drazana


  1. Taran should have asked for directions.
    May they Live Long and Prosper in your rock garden!

    1. Loved this post...such a fun read!