Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Seven Year "Itch"

Next May will mark the seven year anniversary of living in our yellow house. We love our house. The Colonel and I designed it. We waited 20 years to build it and can hardly believe it has already been nearly seven years since we moved into our dream home.

The Yellow House is starting to show a little age now. We are having to do some minor "face lifts" to the house.

We are repainting the porches (all four of them). We have most of the columns done and will eventually repaint the concrete floors of the porches (the hardest part will be keeping the cats off while the paint dries).

Next year the yellow parts of the  house will be repainted as the color is fading (Florida's sunshine is a harsh mistress when it comes to paint jobs). The Colonel wants to paint the house himself (with my help of course) but maybe before next year he will reconsider and have it painted by professionals (fingers crossed).

Some of the pickets needed to be replaced on the fence that hides surrounds the two A/C units. The Colonel took this opportunity to change the design of the fence and replaced all of the pickets. He enlisted the help of My-Favorite-Father-In-Law in this endeavor.

The Colonel wanted to have a pineapple motif incorporated into the fence design. He gave his dad a pineapple pattern to cut out. His dad cut out four different pineapple silhouettes (the pattern The Colonel had given him proved to be somewhat difficult to mass produce with his saw, so he came up with three simpler designs. The first picture is The Colonel's design).

My-Favorite-Father-In-Law asked us which design of his we liked best. We liked them all so we incorporated all of them into the new picket fence (this saved The Colonel's dad from having to cut out any more pineapples too).

Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it!

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