Saturday, July 5, 2014

Painting Myself Into a Corner (Cabinet)

I am on a chalk painting roll as of late (maybe I better get some stock in Annie Sloan's company). After painting Yam's old chest of drawers I wanted to paint another piece of furniture (or two).

I still have the oak corner-cabinet that The Colonel and I bought in the early days of our marriage. Before retirement, the majority of our furniture was oak but we sold most of it because we wanted to start out the new chapter of our lives with new furniture (we still have a couple bookshelves, a dresser and a nightstand).

I like and still use my old corner-cabinet but I wanted to give it a fresh, new look. I had a can of Annie Sloan Provence Chalk Paint. When I told The Colonel I intended to paint the oaken corner-cabinet he said he didn't think oak wood should be painted, but didn't stand in my way (one of the many reasons I love this man).

I removed all of the things that were inside the top section of the corner-cabinet to include the glass shelves and brass shelf pins. I then began to apply the first coat (I would end up with three before I was satisfied) of paint.

Just one coat so far...two more to go. I was really liking the new, fresh look of the old corner-cabinet.

As I was painting, I realized that I would like to have new knobs to replace the old, metal ones as part of the cabinet's makeover. I was going to order newer glass knobs for Yam's old dresser (see older post)...I would just add four more knobs to that order...and I did.

When coat number three was dry, I began to put everything back into the cabinet.

I have various items in my corner-cabinet...there is no real rhyme or reason to them...just things I have fancied and collected over the years.

I really like how the cabinet's makeover turned out but I do not know if I am done with it yet. I still have some white chalk paint left and I am debating whether I want to paint the outside of the cabinet white.

Yam was here for the 4th of July and said if I did, maybe just a white wash of sorts, so that the oak grain could still be visible. She liked the inside painted blue.

If I did paint it white or just white-wash it, that would mean I would have to remove all the items from the cabinet (again) and take it out to the garage to paint. Maybe I will just enjoy it this way for a while...a long while.

I did put some of that white chalk paint to another use though...

The Colonel, Spud (who was here for a couple of days last week) and I took The Colonel's parents out to lunch and as we were driving back home, we spied a little table alongside the road. Someone was getting rid of it.

I jumped out of the car to check it out. It was in pretty decent shape...all it needed was a couple coats of white chalk paint. I grabbed it (oomph...heavier than it looked) and carried it to the house of my In-Laws, just a couple of yards away (seemed a lot further away).

I did not paint the inside of the little table's drawer. The entire table was this same dark brown color. The drawer's knob was missing. I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and bought a little glass knob as a replacement.

I think this little re-purposed table turned out really cute. Jacques, my little octopus, likes his new "home".

I still have plenty of white chalk paint left, just in case I cannot fight the urge to not paint the corner-cabinet for a long while.


  1. The blue makes the collection in your cabinet stand out. The "side of the road" table has a fresh new look to go with your new furniture. Your room is Coastal Living worthy! Jenn

  2. Love the color in corner cabinet. We r def. sisters...had an oak cabinet wet bar and pickled it light grey. Remove Formica countertop with black bar sink and replaced it with grayish blue soapstone that has black streaks in it.

    Love your eclectic collection. Living room furniture looks great by the way. Lori