Friday, July 25, 2014

Bit the Bullet

I know in a past post I was bemoaning the fact that I needed (wanted) new living room furniture and did not relish the thought of having to go shopping for it. I took the easy route and bought new slipcovers (on-line) instead of new furniture.

Well, while I loved the look of the new slipcovers, I did not love the way they became untucked after a few days of normal couch and chair usage. I was re-tucking the slipcovers way too much for my liking.

So, I finally bit the bullet and did some furniture shopping. The Colonel and Darling-Sister-In-Law came along to help me in this task. I am not a big shopper and do not find much joy in the activity, so having them along to help me was much appreciated.

Darling-Sister-In-Law and I had gone shopping for her new living room furniture a couple of weeks before, so I knew what was out there. This made the shopping expedition easier and quicker (and more pleasant too).

We visited two stores and I ended up purchasing a couch and recliner from the La-Z-Boy furniture store. I ordered the same couch as my Darling-Sister-In-Law but with different pillow fabric and I ordered a different kind of recliner. I would have to wait about six weeks for my new furniture to be delivered. It arrived today!

Here is my new living room furniture (you can see part of the old chair in its "forever untucking" slipcover at the bottom-left corner of the first picture. Eventually that chair will be gone from the room).

Here are the pillows. When I chose the material for the pillows The Colonel said the bird eggs looked like potatoes. He was calling it the "potato and bird" material (Darling-Sister-In-Law's pillows have palm fronds on them). When choosing the material for the recliner I tried to match the brown color of the little sandpiper. I think the couch and recliner complement one another nicely.

The new couch is a bit smaller than the old one but it still sits three and allows for more space in the living room.

I am sitting in my new recliner with my feet up as I write this post. It lends itself very nicely to blogging and there is no tucking involved.


  1. Love the "potato and bird" pillows. BTW, the eggs do not look like potatoes. Well done! Jenn

  2. Beautiful! I love the bird fabric.

  3. very nice sister! Kit