Monday, August 11, 2014

South Beach?

The other day I decided to re-stain the seahorse that is part of my decorative post ensemble.

About a year or so ago, while cutting grass, I hit the seahorse with the handle of the push mower as I was backing up.

The seahorse broke at its thinnest point (between the belly and tail) but thank goodness it landed in the grass, so it did not shatter or break further.

The Colonel carefully drilled a deep hole in both sections of the seahorse and then squeezed construction adhesive into the holes. He placed a short piece of rebar inside the glue filled hole of the lower part of the seahorse and then fit the two seahorse parts together.

I took more construction adhesive and spread it all around the seam of the crack site. It was like working with peanut butter.

I had planned (all those months ago) on staining the adhesive, once it was completely dried, the same rusty-brown color I had used to stain the seahorse before it broke.

I was finally tired of seeing that construction adhesive enough to do something about it! It looked like my seahorse was wearing an oversized, waterproof Band-Aid. That look was totally clashing with the visuals and statement of my decorative post.

To my chagrin, we did not have any more of the concrete stain left.

I rummaged through the garage and came up with some colorful spray paint.

I blocked off the post with a large piece of cardboard box and began to spray away, feeling like a graffiti artist.

When I finished, The Colonel said it looked nice and it also looked retro, circa 1950-ish Miami. I agreed.

I like the way it came out. I am really liking the retro paint job that goes very nicely with the retro style of the concrete seahorse.

My breaking the seahorse eventually turned out to be quite the happy, little accident.



  1. Nice accident! Jenn

  2. Very eye catching sister! Kit