Friday, March 20, 2015

Lick of Paint

Last September, The Colonel and I had the outside of our house, Tradewinds, painted. The Colonel was toying with the idea of painting it himself (with loads of help from me), but thank God he came to his senses and paid a professional house painter to do the job for us.

The Florida sun is a harsh mistress, her strong rays bleach the best quality of paints in time. Well, Tradewinds was looking like a mere shadow of her formerly, rich, colored self after sitting beneath the Florida sun for over seven years.

The yellow was still the same "Butter Up" color we chose when the house was built. We did change the brown of the doors to a more milk chocolaty color and we completely changed the porches to a lovely gray.

We thought the garage door was white until the painter started painting it.

The painters even painted the inside of our outside shower. They re-caulked the shower door before painting it (thank God, it was becoming a bit of a peep-show with those spaces between the wooden slats).

Here is Tradewinds in various stages of painting progression.

The painters had the house done in about three days (I shudder when I think of how long it would have taken The Colonel and I).

Tradewinds looks so lovely and fresh in her new coat of paint. We had several comments from neighbors driving by. The Colonel and I are so glad we chose to have the porches painted gray this time, it really brightens up the house.


  1. She's a lovely lady! Jenn

  2. The house looks amazing! It sends out a sunny and soothing vibe, which is quite pleasing to the eyes. Anyway, it’s good that you hired painters to do the job for you. I probably would have been a busy week for both you and the Colonel, had you decided to paint it on your own. Haha! Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great day!

    Cecilia Hammond @ Proactive Residential