Monday, March 9, 2015

Time Travelling Again

In late January, The Colonel and I once again time traveled to pre-1840. We attended the forty-fourth annual, Alafia River Rendezvous in Homeland, Florida. The rendezvous is hosted by the Florida Frontiersmen and it is the Southeast's largest interpretive encampment. Every year over 1,200 participants live in camps and portray many different cultures and regions of early America. Over 100 craftsmen and "stores" demonstrate/sell large varieties of historical reproductions.

There were Indian camps represented too.

There were Mountain Men in attendance as well as young children and cute babies.

There were also men with long rifles and cannons.

One of the gentlemen shooting the cannons had an artificial leg that was in keeping with the pre-1840 costuming. I loved the kilt too.

The Colonel and I were enveloped by pre-1840 sights, sounds and smells. The wood and cannon smoke was intoxicating. I think it stirs an ancestral/primitive part of our brain; the part that remembers that a fire was essential to our survival. Fire kept us warm, helped us to cook our food and protected us from wild beasts. The fire pit/hearth was the main place in the cave, hut or house where we gathered for social interaction as well.

Of course food is always fun to eat at rendezvous, fairs or fests.

We walked around the entire encampment. It had grown quite a bit since we had been there last, five years earlier. We admired all of the camping gear and tents. I was enamored with the "sky-light" in this gentleman's tent.

I liked the paint job on this tepee.

The Colonel liked this portable pantry. I could see the gears turning in his to make one and once he made it...when and where to put it to use?

There were many artisans selling their wares. I just had to stop and take a couple of photos of the lady weaver's work in progress. I thought of my dear friend, Kim when I saw these.

The Colonel and I enjoyed ourselves very much at the rendezvous. I don't think we will wait another five years before we time travel again to pre-1840.

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  1. Jill, a friend of mine weaves with one of those triangle looms. I'll share this blog post with her. That plaid on the rectangle loom is beautiful!