Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Pirate's Life For Me

On September 19th, The Colonel, Darling-Sister-In-Law and I got to dress up again to help the county historical center with another one of its outreach programs. This time we got to dress up as pirates. We began putting together our piratical outfits with glee and gusto...who doesn't like dressing up as a pirate? We rummaged through closets, visited Goodwill stores, shopped at Wal-Mart and online. I think we did a fantastic job cobbling together our outfits. What say ye matey?

We were dressed as pirates because the county program had Captain Mike Daniel as a quest speaker. Captain Daniel is a naval historian and undersea explorer. On November 21, 1996, he discovered Blackbeard's flagship the Queen Anne's Revenge off the coast of North Carolina.

The county historical center co-sponsored the program with Life Long Learning (LLI), an adult, continuing education group that has an office at the local community college. Because of the LLI connection, we were able to hold the program at the college auditorium. We set up tables of information and kids activities in the lobby. Captain Daniel was inside the auditorium giving his slide-based lecture. I was not able to listen to any of his lecture because I was busy in the lobby with the kid's activities. Those who heard him speak enjoyed his lecture.

One of the activities was "Walking the Plank". The Colonel and I made the planks in the garage (it is becoming "Dreamworks" SW Florida). We also made the shark fins. Notice that they are Black-Tip Reef Shark fins. These types of sharks are found in the waters of the Caribbean.

The shark fins and planks were set upon a blue tarp or the "Drink". The kids and adults had fun seeing how far they could walk the plank without falling into the Drink. One boy even walked backwards without falling. I told him he would make a good pirate and would he like to join our scurvy crew? He would have to clear it with his mother first, of course. We weren't such a scurvy crew that we would resort to Shanghaiing the lad.

Another activity was a bean bag toss. The kids would try to knock down a ship with a bean bag. Some of the kids tossed with deadly accuracy.

After his lecture, Captain Daniel sold beautiful maps and then would sign them upon request. Of course I got one and had it signed.

Captain Mike Daniel was very friendly. He enjoyed himself very much and especially liked that we were dressed as pirates. He told us that he would love to come back again for another lecture.

Better keep our piratical gear at the ready...

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