Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ode to 2015

"Poo-Poos" for the eve of the New Year.
A visit to the birthplace of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' young dear.

Books upon books to buy at a fair and library.
A new paint job for Tradewinds; she is once again bright and airy.

Pioneers, Mote Marine, a Sanibel Island beach vacay in a cottage.
Shakespeare in the Park with me on the stage.

Summer trip to Indiana seeking Harmony, balloon rides and mounds.
A visit to my childhood home made the rounds.

Lincoln's boyhood home and "All Things Boone".
Historical places we'll not forget soon.

More "Poo-Poos" at Historical Gasparilla Inn.
The Cumberland Gap, a log cabin in the wood.
Lunch at the first KFC, to miss it would be a sin.
The chicken as always, "finger-lickin'-good".

Playing dress-up for the county:
A Mars colonist, pirate and Red Cross nurse.
Historical facts and fun as my bounty.
I continue to fill my memory's purse.

I look back on 2015, never a moment dull.
A year that was quite busy.
I see my 2016 calendar already getting full.
It could make one dizzy.

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