Monday, March 6, 2017

Patriotic Parade

Last year on Veteran's Day, my DAR chapter had a float in our local parade. The Colonel and I volunteered to have the float building at our house the day before the parade. We do not live in a deed restricted area (sometimes to our chagrin) so we could have the trailer delivered, decorated and stored in our driveway until it was taken to the local high school's parking lot the next day. All floats, cars, trucks, bands, etc. lined up there before the parade started.

The Chapter Regent, Vice Regent, her husband (their Yorkie), The Colonel and I made up the float building team. It was a very simple decorating plan...a couple of signs, some shiny, blue fringe, flags and hay bales. The next day the decorated float was hooked up to a big truck. The driver (who got us the use of the trailer) followed The Colonel and I to the high school parking lot. We took the back way so that we could take it a bit slower. We had to stop once to check on the signs, but all was well. We safely made it to the parking lot and got into our space in line.

We had some time before we had to be on the float. We took the opportunity to have a few pictures taken.

It was time to board the float as the parade was starting.

It was a lovely day for a parade. Sunny and at times a bit breezy. I sat at the front of the float, near the flags and they would often flap around my face.

The Colonel found a good spot along the parade route to snap photos of our float as it went by.

Our float even made the local newspaper...


  1. In the words of Matt Devine from ISU, "I love a parade".

  2. Parades are enjoyable, especially when you're in them, riding on a float! Jenn