Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Shirts and Skins"

A few weeks ago The Colonel and I joined an operation to decorate some shirts. We needed to paint some "flesh" colored shirts for the historical program that we would be participating in at a later date. The shirts would be worn by myself and other volunteers as we portrayed Calusa Indians.

The Colonel, the program director, two other volunteers and I met at the historical center. There we taped off sections of the sleeves and yolks of the shirts. Once that was done we moved all of the shirts to the center's garage. There we would begin painting them.

It was quite the assembly line. We blocked off sections of the shirts that we did not want painted with newspaper. Once the newspaper was in place The Colonel spray painted the black lines and the program director painted the other colors. We also had red, yellow and blue.

Once the shirts were painted it was my job to take them and hang them up to dry.

We were pleased with the results of our work. The uniform look of the shirts (aka Calusa "skin") would help us look more like a cohesive tribe when the time came to wear them for the historical program (post to come).

Gives a new meaning to Shirts and Skins.

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