Monday, August 10, 2009

Like Mother, Like Son...

My son said his right wrist was hurting him, especially when he bent it a certain way. I took a look at it and noticed it looked slightly different than his left wrist, a little swollen in one spot. I saw no outward sign of trauma, you know, no cut, scrape, bug bite or sting, so determined that it was an internal issue. (I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on T.V., I'm a mother, therefore I must have rudimentary medical and triage skills). I figured it was a strain of some sort that must have happened during the time my son was on the NJROTC drill team.

We made a trip to the doctor's. She said it looked like tendonitis to her but would not know for certain until an MRI was done. The MRI is scheduled for Wednesday, after school...yes, after school (It started today. This couldn't have manifested itself sooner, during summer break?) He then has a follow-up appointment with the doctor the next day, once again after school.

The doctor wants my son to wear the wrist brace all day but not at bedtime. He is also to take an anti-inflammatory twice a day as well as some cold and heat therapy.

After the doctor's appointment we headed to the local pharmacy and purchased the wrist brace. My son put his brace on in the car...we sure made a pretty picture...anyone looking into the car as we were driving by must have been wondering what happened to those poor people.

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  1. Some things you just don't want to share with your kids!!!
    Mine are back to school today also!