Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Bling

My in-laws came for a day visit earlier this week. They wanted to see the kids before they start school and treat us to lunch.

My father-in-law is creative. He makes art pieces out of yard materials (ie. seeds, palm fronds, etc.). He is making jewelry now too.

I recently found a fossilized shark's tooth and asked my father-in-law if he could make it into a necklace for me. He brought his jewelry making items with him on his day visit. We made a few necklaces. We had fun.

The Shark's Tooth Necklace...

Sea Glass Necklace...

Shell Necklace...

and finally the Rock Necklace...

We joked about my father-in-law opening a kiosk entitled "T.R.'s Piercing Pagoda" as his next creative venture.


  1. Stunning, just stunning sister. Tell your father-in-law that he should enter his work in the county fair under "fine arts". 2nd inline

  2. I like them all! Very interesting and creative. I think the sea glass is my fave. So pretty...

  3. The kiosk could be co-located with Mr. Ted's Salon de Beauty.