Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas K.I.S.S.

Remember this...K.I.S.S...Keep It Simple Stupid? Well, I'm keeping the Christmas decorating around the house simple this season...maybe even a bit spartan. As I am the main decorator, I didn't feel like going all out this year and the less I put up, the less I have to put away and I think that is smart not stupid.

The tree is small and can fit on a table. It took one strand of lights and 24 Martha Stewart ornaments to trim it.

I have a table runner on my coffee table.

I hung over sized ornaments from the chandelier above my dinning room table.

I cannibalized silk flower arrangements and put them inside my candle centerpieces.

Outside I decorated even more simply. I hung a wreath at the side door.

And made the front door of the house look like a Christmas present (Yam did help me with this).

As well as the cottage's front door (again with Yam's help).

Finally, the cats have little stockings hanging in the garage.




I believe in the old adage of Less is More...I always think a few nice things tastefully strewn about the place makes more of a statement than lots of over-the-top gaudiness...that, and not really feeling the urge to decorate for Christmas this year.


  1. I do believe in the concept, less is best. A tree with some bling, a bit of greenery with a few pinecones strewn around and maybe a piece of yard art welcoming holiday travelers..Yep keep it simple, Christ is the real reason for the beautiful season....Kit

  2. It looks beautiful! I love the ornaments hanging from the lights. It looks like you'll have a very Merry Christmas!