Friday, December 4, 2009

The Santa Latitude Attitude

I have been asked in the past, "How can you celebrate Christmas without snow?" and "Doesn't the warm tropical weather make Christmas less Christmasy?"

I grew up in the Midwest where most of the time there would be a white Christmas and I used to hold onto that attitude too, thinking you couldn't have a real Christmas without cold and snow. I have since let go of it (as well as my long johns and electric blankets).

I've been an in-state Florida resident since 1998 and I must admit there was a little attitude adjustment period I had to go through that first tropical Christmas (being able to wear shorts and flip-flops on the beach on Christmas day made the adjustment easier).

Celebrating Christmas in different latitudes has reinforced what I have always known down deep inside...

I doesn't matter if your Santa looks like this...

or this...

The Christmasy feeling isn't tied to your latitude; its tied to your attitude and always remembering the true meaning of Christmas no matter where you are on Earth.


  1. Very well said.
    As I adjust the driver's seat back a notch to accomodate the heavy coats and sweaters I am bundled in....

  2. I agree with you sister, wearing flip flops on the beach feels alot better than snow boots on a cold Indiana day...sandcastles vs. snowmaen, I'll get back to you on that.......Kit