Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The Colonel and I got a letter in the mail. It looked similar to many of the letters we have gotten over the past 21 years that bore an Australian postage stamp, with one exception, the handwriting on the envelope was different.
We immediately knew what this meant.
Our friend Margaret (92) had passed away.

Nancy, her sister, wrote to let us know. It was a very nice letter even though it carried sad tidings. She said, "I feel I know you, over the years you have written to Margaret, so I feel I know you as she always let me read your letters. It was such a joy for her to get letters from you and share with me."
I was getting ready to mail Margaret a Christmas gift the day Nancy's letter arrived.
The Colonel and I met Margaret in 1988 when we took a month long trip to Australia. One of the legs on our trip was a three week bus trip up Australia's east coast. Margaret was on that leg.

We became fast friends with Margaret despite the roughly 45 year span between our ages.
We will miss Margaret.


  1. OH, I am so sad for you! She must have been a vibrant, adventurous, generous woman!

  2. May the soul of Margaret rest in peace and your memories of her be cherished forever. Kit