Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pass the State Tree Please

This is a picture of a Sabal Palm, also known as a Cabbage Palm. It is the state tree of Florida. I have heard that Florida is the only state that eats its own tree.

The Colonel, Spud and I partook of the state tree a couple of days ago when we attended the 14th Annual Florida Frontier Days.

Every year Frank D. sets up his tent and cooks "swamp cabbage" made from the heart of the Sabal Palm.

Swamp cabbage does not taste like cabbage. It has a mild flavor and is tender to the bite when cooked properly.

Frank's swamp cabbage is delicious. It is made with pork in a clear broth.

When you eat swamp cabbage you must always have some Everglades Seasoning on hand.

Frank had some at the ready as he scooped out three servings for us.

The Sabal Palm is a tasty tree. I am glad I live in Florida and not Alabama...their state tree is the Longleaf Pine...although I have heard that many parts are edible...right Euell Gibbons?

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  1. Very interesting sis, looks kind of tastey. K