Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birthday Buddies

Yam was the first grandchild to be born on The Colonel's side of the family. She was born in July and shares the same birth month as her paternal grandfather (Gpa).

When I became pregnant with Yam the doctor gave me a due date of  July 25th. The Colonel's father's birthday is the 20th and he wanted Yam to be born on his birthday but Yam, being a baby, came when she wanted and that was on the 22nd.

Because Yam and Gpa's birthdays are so close to one another they have celebrated them together many times throughout the years.

Of course, the very first year they co-celebrated was when Yam turned one.

They even shared a birthday cake. One half of the cake was the cat Garfield playing tennis (Gpa still plays tennis 20 years later) and the other half was The Little Mermaid Ariel from Disney.

This year Gpa's birthday fell on a Friday and Yam's on a Sunday. Yam was home for the weekend so we split the difference and celebrated both birthdays on Saturday (Yam had to be back at college on Sunday).

The Colonel, Yam and I had our breakfast and then drove over to Gpa and Gma's house to open presents. Darling-Sister-In-Law was there. She had come into town for the weekend to help celebrate.

After all the presents were opened we visited with one another and passed the time before a nice birthday lunch out. Both Gpa and Yam agreed that Mexican food sounded muy sabroso.

The food was very tasty indeed. We had had our lunch and now it was time to have the cake and ice cream back at Gpa and Gma's house.

This year Gpa turned 79 and Yam, 21. That is 100 years of birthdays! We just had to celebrate that fact.

When I bought the number candles at the grocery I was met by a few questions at the checkout counter as you can imagine.

Next year Gpa will turn 80 and Spud, 20. Too bad their birthdays aren't in the same month. Anyone need some gently used birthday candles?

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