Sunday, July 15, 2012


My precious and long-awaited computer is back within my possession.

Now, to get my thoughts (and photos) together and create more posts for my blog. I hope I am not too rusty and you, my reader, will cut me some slack if I am.

In an earlier post (think back now, I know it has been a while) I informed you that I had been away from home back in June (8th-24th). Part of that time away was spent in Indiana. I had to return to the state of my birth and attend to some family business. I dragged Spud along with me; it had been a few years since he had been back there.

It was good to see my family again and to finally meet my newest niece in the flesh.

It was good to get together with some family on Father's Day.

The following picture was taken about a week before Father's Day. Dad was not with us that day, just Mom and her eight "babies".

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