Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Mystery Revealed

This is John Henry, my double-crowned pineapple, just mere moments before its harvest. Months of waiting (and praying that a raccoon did not pluck it first) while the pineapple ripened were over. Now we could finally see if John Henry was hiding a single or double core within its succulent, yellow flesh.

Yam was home for the weekend so I had her do the honors of cutting the pineapple as I snapped photos to document the discovery.

As Yam sliced the pineapple in half and before she opened up the fruit, the anticipation of what the dissection would reveal had me feeling a tad anxious as well as excited. Drum roll please...

John Henry had a single core. Looking at the above picture you would think there were two cores, yet this was simply one core sliced in half.

John Henry proved to be a very sweet and juicy pineapple. I have taken the double-crown top of the pineapple and planted it in my garden.

I am curious to see how the double-crown will grow and if it will produce two pineapples. I have a feeling this is going to be a long two years of waiting as I watch the next generation of my John Henry pineapple(s) grow.

The double-crown plant withered and died in late August 2012. Too bad, I had wanted to see if it would grown into two pineapples. Now I will never know.

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  1. Why did it die? It's summer so it's hot and not freezing or are you down under?