Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Look For a New Year

The couch and chair in my living room are comfortable. When I bought them nearly seven years ago the salesperson told me that the material would not wear as well or as long as I might want it to. I took her comment into consideration, but liked the color and bought the furniture anyway.

She was correct. Our family of four put the material to the test. Eventually the material faded and had a few stubborn stains (insert a little buyer's remorse here).

I did not want the hassle (financial or otherwise) to have the furniture recovered so I went the easier route and bought some slipcovers. I went with a denim look.

The slipcovers lasted for a few years and several washings. Just within the past two to three months the denim slipcover on the couch was wearing thin in areas (and I could only use so many iron-on patches to keep it together).

I was seriously thinking of finally getting the couch and chair recovered or buying new furniture altogether but once again I did not want the hassle of putting either enterprise into action. So, back to the slipcover option. This time I stayed away from anything blue. I wanted something lighter, something with a Coastal Living look.

When my new slipcovers were delivered, I immediately stripped the old ones off and replaced them with the new. I then hopped in my car to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to search for new pillow covers.

I did not find any pillow covers that would work well with the new slipcovers so I bought new pillows. This is the new look of my couch and chair. I think I achieved the Coastal Living look I was going for.



Maybe by the time these slipcovers have worn out I will have the desire to get the furniture recovered or buy new furniture but I don't even want to think about that right now.


  1. Beautiful! I like seeing your home!

  2. Nice, let's just hope that in another 7 years we don't see plastic covers. haha

  3. Love the refreshed look. Your house ought to be in Coastal Living. Jenn