Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Room With a Redo

When we moved into our custom built home, Tradewinds, almost seven years ago (come May), Yam and Spud were allowed to pick out the color of paint for their bedroom walls. We used Sherwin Williams paint. Yam picked Baize Green and Spud picked out Blonde.

Yam graduated from college in May of last year and by November she found employment and moved into her own apartment in a nearby city. We miss having Yam here but The Colonel and I are very proud of her and happy for her. It was sad to see her room being emptied of most of her things (her bookshelf is still full of her books and her closet still has a few things left in it).

I took an afternoon to clear a few more remaining items out of the room, dust, vacuum, patch small holes and touch up the paint where needed. Now I had a blank slate to work with. Yam's paint color choice back in 2007 lent itself nicely to what I had in mind for the room...something tropical.

I wanted to keep Yam's old room as a bedroom. The Colonel and I went mattress shopping and ended up buying a queen sized mattress (Yam took her bed with her). Next we looked for new bedding (keeping the Baize Green color in mind) and found the perfect bedding and it was all 50% off!

We had the new mattress and time for a new headboard. The Colonel wanted to build the headboard. He had one in mind. He wanted to use an old door to fabricate the headboard. We went to the Habitat for Humanity retail store and found a louvered door and the price was right. Once The Colonel had the new headboard built we painted it an antique white. It turned out beautifully!

I had an old lamp about the house that would complement the new bedding's palm tree design very nicely.

I slept in the new bed one night to see how it felt. I slept well. The Colonel has yet to try it for a night. Yam slept on the bed while she spent the night on Christmas Eve. She said it was not soft enough for her.

It seems like just yesterday I was buying bedding for Yam's crib and decorating the nursery.


  1. Very inviting sis! Kit

  2. I do like your cottage, but this room looks inviting, too! Jenn

  3. Where might I get the palm quilt and shams?