Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Including The Kitchen Sink

I have been changing a few things around the old homestead (not so old really, Tradewinds will be seven years old in May...maybe I have a seven-year-decorating-itch I need to scratch).

I recently redid Yam's bedroom, making it a guest room and I put new slipcovers on my living room furniture.

My most recent change to the house took place over the long MLK weekend. The Colonel and I asked his parents and visiting sister to assist us in putting our new sink in. We bribed them with delicious Chinese food (really no bribing was needed to gain their assistance).

I had been wanting a new sink for some time now and about three weeks ago we finally ordered one from The Home Depot. This time I wanted a stainless steel sink.

This is my old sink.

When The Colonel and I built our house we both loved the look of the white sink. It looked like an old fashioned sink and it went well with the subway tile back splash we chose.

What I didn't love was the way the sink didn't stand up to time and use gracefully. The sink had several tiny scratches on the bottom and these scratches became stained by the years of leftover tea and coffee that was tossed into the sink.

No matter how much Comet I used in tandem with Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers I could never get out the stains. My white sink looked perpetually dirty.

I had had enough and that is what prompted me to get my new stainless steel sink.

I am grateful that The Colonel's family helped us put in the new sink. It was a bit more involved than we were expecting. It seems that the plumber who put the sink in nearly seven years ago put some of the pipes in crooked and we had to replace some of them.

The Colonel and My-Favorite-Father-In-Law made sure the water was off and then proceeded to disconnect the lines and garbage disposal. When all was disconnected it was time to remove the sink.

The counter top sure looked odd without the sink.

Darling-Sister-In-Law cleaned off the old caulk on the granite counter top as The Colonel and his father got the new sink ready for installation.

The Colonel dry-fit the sink and discovered that it needed a few tweaks before it could be completely installed. He and his father crimped one of the side flanges on the underside of the sink's edge.

We also experienced a few water leaks that had Darling-Sister-In-Law bailing water from a bowl. She had to make a little foil funnel to ensure the water made it to the bowl.

Finally, the sink was sized, new caulk was applied to the counter top and the water problem addressed. It was time to put the new sink in.


I love my new sink (and faucet set). My sink now matches my stainless steel appliances. I think I will really like the stainless part of my new sink.

We had another little helper in the kitchen...

Luna also liked checking out the old sink once it was placed on the back porch by The Colonel.


  1. This is a common problem with white surfaces; they get dirty easily, and are really hard to clean up. With your new stainless steel sink, it should be easier to maintain and should last longer. It also fixed some plumbing issues that you could have otherwise not had seen. Overall, it turned out as a really good plumbing project for you!
    Paddy Wright @ Harris Plumbing

  2. The new sink is a lot more stylish than your old one. Replacing it to match your other kitchen appliances is a good decision, aesthetic-wise. And I bet the stainless steel sink is a lot more durable too. Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the new sink. All the best!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd

  3. Your old ceramic sink was actually pretty nice, but the stainless steel looks better, since it has a much more modern look to it. Anyway, it was nice colonel and your father-in-law to make sure everything was doing fine with the sink, and you probably saved a lot by not hiring a plumber for it. Thanks for sharing this with us! Cheers!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing & Heating


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